Location Based Services

A Location Based Services course project attended to the research of changes in telecommunication data within certain research areas in Amsterdam, when several European airports were closed due to the volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010.

Research areas have been identified:

  • as areas where changes were expected (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, WTC, Amstel Station)
  • as areas where NO changes were expected (Pijp – residential area)

Sets of data (SMS, terminated calls, originated calls) for each cell within the research area have been created and time periods determined.

Questions should be answered
… If anomalies of mobile phone traffic could be recognized?
… If yes, where do they occur? In expected areas only?
… At which times and how long do the effects of the volcanic eruption last? Can the duration of the airport closure be derived from the anomaly pattern?
… Of what nature are the anomalies (more or less telecom traffic than usual)?

Result: Anomalies occured in the airport area during the closure, almost no changes could be recognized in the city.




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